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Mission Statement

Vision: Provide quality distance learning opportunities for students and families in Beaumont USD and beyond.



  • Provide rigorous and relevant curriculum for students in a virtual independent study format through online coursework.
  • Provide an alternative to the traditional classroom in which students can prepare for college and career.
  • Provide maximum flexibility in education as well as hold high standards of student achievement.
  • Provide this opportunity to all students within or from outside of the Beaumont Unified School District.

Student Learner Outcomes:

Academic: Students will graduate with appropriate knowledge and preparation for college and/or career.

Employability: Students will develop employable skills including but not limited to working independently as well as collaboratively, setting and accomplishing goals, meeting deadlines, critically thinking, problem solving, and communicating.

Communication: Students will communicate effectively through writing and speaking both in person and through electronic means utilizing academically appropriate language.

Social Skills: Students will demonstrate respect for cultural differences in a diverse community. They will make responsible decisions in a variety of settings